Restoring Damaged Commercial Area Completely

When commercial spaces have to be cleaned and restored after major damage, it is important to hire an experienced company to ensure disaster restoration Lakeland is done thoroughly. Ensuring safety and security is the first priority, so the space has to be inspected and assessed to determine the best plan of action. In the event of fire restoration Lakeland, for example, boarding up of windows and doors, and placing a tarp over the roof can secure broken windows and prevent further damage. If the issue is water damage Lakeland, extraction equipment will be used immediately to remove water.

The concern with water and water damage restoration tampa fl is the spread of mold. Severe cases of mold can mean replacing beams, flooring, and drywall. Mold spreads within two to three days of exposure to a water source. It can cause health problems, weaken the integrity of the structure, and continue to spread after water appears to have been removed. That is why special equipment is used to remove excess moisture, detect mold in wood and carpets, and purify the air.

An experienced company will also offer several remediation options for furniture, inventory, partitions, and commercial machinery or equipment. Dry cleaning is an option for delicate fabrics, wet cleaning and disinfecting can be completed for most hard surfaces. Sprays and deodorizers are available for items that cannot get wet, as well as foam cleaning for upholstery and other fabrics. Abrasive cleaning and immersion cleaning are also options.

Other capabilities for restoration and building services include electrical work, electronics restoration, drywall installation, temporary fencing, general contracting, flooring repairs for all materials, roofing services, and plumbing repairs. Move out services are available, if they are needed in cases of extensive damage. Some companies also have capabilities that business owners may not expect, such as temporary warehouse space, document drying, and fine art restoration.

Considerations for commercial restoration also include the rate at which damage can be cleaned up and restored to minimize business interruption, and the assurance that damage is completely cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected to prevent further liability from workers, customers, or clients. Certifications of training for technicians include applied microbial remediation, water damage restoration, odor control, applied structural drying, and upholstery and fabric cleaning.

Carefully choosing the company that will clean up a business or commercial building after any type of disaster can make a big difference in the end result. It makes sense to research local companies, and decide on one before any emergencies or disasters strike. Call the company and make an appointment to discuss the business, the layout, and the needs, so technicians can have an idea of what equipment and procedures may be required in the event of a disaster.

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